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Benefits: Savings and Retirement Benefits
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Achieving your personal financial goals is an important part of your life. To help, we provide retirement and financial benefits, including a 401(k) plan and a pension plan.*

Aetna 401(k) Plan
With the Aetna 401(k) Plan, you can save a percentage of your pay -- on a pretax or Roth after tax basis. After meeting the one-year service requirement, we will make a matching contribution to the plan on your behalf. You can invest your employee contributions among the various investment options offered in the plan, which include a Stable Value Option, index funds, target retirement funds and self-managed account.

You may be able to transfer (roll over) funds from another employer's qualified savings or pension plan to the Aetna 401(k) Plan, even if you are not contributing to the plan.

Aetna Pension Plan*
We are one of the few health benefits companies that still provides a traditional pension plan. The Aetna Pension Plan, which is paid 100 percent by Aetna, uses a cash balance formula. Each year, we add a pension credit to your account equal to a percentage of your pay. In addition, interest will be credited to your account balance, even after you leave Aetna, if you decide to defer payment and leave your account balance in the plan. You become fully vested, or have a right to your benefit, after three years of service.

*In general, U.S. employees employed by an Aetna participating company and not designated temporary employees are eligible employees who may participate in the Aetna pension plan after completing one year of service. Employees who are employed by a non-participating company , employees from an outside agency (e.g. leased employees) and individuals designated by the company as independent contractors, career agents and brokers and non-resident aliens are not eligible employees and do not participate in the pension plan. Generally business acquired after January 1, 2003 are not participating companies. As of January 1, 2007 Aetna Health administrators, LLC began participation in the pension plan. As of January 1, 2008 Chickering Benefit Planning Insurance agency, Inc. and Chickering Claims Administrators, Inc. began participating in the pension plan. The following acquired businesses are not eligible to participate in the pension plan: Active Health Management, Inc.; Aetna Behavioral Health of Delaware, LLC; Aetna RX Home Delivery, LLC; Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, LLC; Health Costs Consultants, Inc.; PPOM,LLC; Sloans Lake Management Corp.; Strategic Resource Company, LLC and Schaller Anderson, Inc. and it's subsidiaries.

Employee Stock Purchase Program
The Aetna Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is a voluntary benefit that gives you the opportunity to purchase Aetna stock at a discount through the convenience of payroll deduction. In order to participate, eligible employees must enroll during the enrollment period announced by Aetna.
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