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Communicate With Your Patients Online
You can now communicate with your patients online using RelayHealth, a secure, Web-based doctor-patient communication service. Your patients can use this service to request appointments, renew prescriptions, ask non-urgent questions, and receive lab results - all from their home computer. This can reduce phone calls to your office, waiting-room time, and the time patients must take out of their days to travel to your office for non-urgent health issues. Your patients can also use an online visit, known as a webVisit®, to consult with you about non-urgent medical care needs. An Aetna member's financial responsibility for a webVisit is the same as it is for an office visit.

Services Available
Online services give your patients an efficient alternative to phone calls and office visits. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your patient can:

  • Consult with you online – using a webVisit
  • Use convenience services at no charge
    • Schedule an appointment
    • Request prescription renewals and refills
    • Request lab and test results
    • Request referrals
    • Access health care information resources

We’ve expanded this service to more doctors
Primary care doctors and certain specialists participating in Aetna’s networks can also participate in this service. Doctors do not have to collect copays. Patients pay their copay online through the RelayHealth service as part of the webVisit. RelayHealth will submit webVisit claims to Aetna and send copay reimbursement directly to you. Aetna will remit reimbursement for the balance.

Aetna’s online provider directory, DocFind, includes a list of Aetna participating doctors enrolled with RelayHealth, and links to RelayHealth’s website. Doctors who are participating in this program are identified on the DocFind search results page with the following icon:

This online service is available to Aetna members in all states where Aetna’s participating doctors are also enrolled in the RelayHealth service. Members must have an existing relationship with a participating physician to begin using this service. Members in Aetna's Medicare Advantage HMO plan in California are also eligible. If the plan sponsor provides a "self-funded" health plan, the member must check with their employer or Aetna Member Services to find out if this service is available to them.

Take a Tour
Experience RelayHealth by taking a quick online demonstration.

Register and Get Started
To learn more or participate in this service, visit or call toll free 1-877-744-9682.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
For general information, review the FAQs.

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