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Give employees complete freedom when choosing health care providers, with the Traditional Choice® indemnity benefits and insurance plans. There’s no network, no referrals and no PCP with this health insurance plan.

  • Members can go to any licensed health care professional or facility.
  • A deductible and coinsurance apply.
  • The member submits claim forms for any care received.
  • Wellness and preventive programs are available as an option.
Additional Features:
  • Discounted rates may be available through our National Advantage™ Program for covered services at many hospitals, physician offices and other health care facilities.
  • Discounts on products and services from eye glasses to acupuncture. (Discounts are not insurance. Learn More.)
  • Available full-risk or self-funded.

* The following are examples of programs that may be available with a health benefit or insurance plan that you may be considering. Depending on the type of health benefit or insurance plan, these programs may be available as value added or discount programs, or may be added to a plan for an additional cost. (Discount programs are not insurance.) Please review the specific plan description that you may be considering in order to determine whether any of the programs described below apply, and for more details.
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