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Pharmacy plans can help you save money

Available through employer provided plans only. Not available for individual purchase.

Buying a prescription drug without a pharmacy plan is almost unthinkable.

A brand-name drug like Lipitor® is a good example. This drug is used to lower cholesterol. It can also cost more than $120 per month. And people often need to take it for many years. Can you imagine spending more than $1,400 a year on one drug? For the rest of your life?

Pharmacy plans have one main goal: to help you and your family manage how much you spend on prescription drugs.

You may have one or more monthly prescriptions for ongoing conditions. And you'll probably need a prescription now and then to treat something temporary, like an infection.

Two ways to save

With most plans, you will pay less for generic drugs than for brand-name drugs. They work the same way brand-name drugs do but cost less.

Another way to save is by using a mail-order pharmacy. You can often buy a three-month supply of a drug for the price of a two-month supply at a retail pharmacy. That's real savings.

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