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Life Insurance

Financial protection for your loved ones after your death

Available through employer provided plans only. Not available for individual purchase.

Life insurance coverage helps you take care of your loved ones after your death. The death benefit payment can help your family meet many important needs. For example, it could pay for funeral costs, daily expenses or college tuition. 

You choose the person or people you want to receive this cash payment. They are your beneficiaries.

Many employers offer a life insurance policy. This is called group insurance or group coverage. You may be able to choose one or more types of group coverage.

We offer employers many types of group life insurance policies, such as:

How your group life insurance coverage works

Employers may offer life insurance to full- or part-time employees. Some also offer it for spouses and dependents. You can find out what coverage you have by reading your plan summary. This explains the details of your plan. You can also contact your human resources person.

Benefit limits and exclusions
All life insurance policies have limits on what they cover, how much they pay and what coverage excluded. To find out more, read your plan summary or call your human resources person.

Age reduction schedule
Your life insurance payout may go down by set amounts when you reach a certain age.  Please see your plan summary or call your human resources person to learn more.

Filing a claim
We want to make filing a claim as easy as possible for your loved ones. In most states, your beneficiaries simply call our customer service representatives to file a claim. They may also ask your employer to file the claim on their behalf. With decades of experience, we provide the kind of customer service they need at a difficult time.

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