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Products & Services

A wide range of health insurance plans and services

There are many health coverage options available. You might have insurance through an employer. Or you might buy directly from Aetna. Either way, knowing the basics will help you to get the most out of your health insurance coverage.

Do You Have a Health Plan Through Your Employer or Organization?

Check with your HR department for your coverage details.

Looking To Buy Health Insurance Directly from Aetna?

These plans can help you save money and get quality health care coverage. Learn about consumer-directed health plans now.

Just What is a Consumer-Directed Health Plan?

These plans can help you save money and get quality health care coverage. Learn about consumer-directed health plans now.

Products & Services

Medical Insurance

Protect yourself, your family and your finances if you get sick or injured, and stay well with preventive care. Learn more about our medical insurance plans.


Dental Insurance

Keep your teeth looking good and your mouth healthy with regular cleanings and treatments. Learn more about dental insurance plans.

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Health Expense Funds

Control how you save, spend and stretch your dollars for the medical and health costs in your life. Learn more about health expense funds (HRA, HSA, and FSA).

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Pharmacy Plans & Services

Save money on prescription drugs, manage your benefits online, compare medication costs and more. Learn more about our pharmacy plans.

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Medicare Plans

Cover some costs that original Medicare doesn't with plans that may help lower your expenses and include prescription drug benefits. Learn more about Medicare plans.

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Disability Insurance

Prepare with disability insurance or benefits plans that can help replace your income if you can’t work because of an illness or injury. Learn more about disability plans.

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Life Insurance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can help your loved ones financially after your death. Learn more about life insurance plans.

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Behavioral & Mental Health

Improve your mental health with our programs and tools to deal with stress, depression, addiction and other common issues. Learn more about our mental health benefits.

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Wellness Products & Discounts

Stay healthy, save money and meet your health and wellness goals with our products, programs and discounts.  Learn more about our Wellness Products and Discounts.

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Vision Programs

Protect your eyes with regular eye exams, and save on exams, contact lenses and eyeglasses. Learn more about our vision programs

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Student Health Insurance

Make sure insurance covers your student wherever he or she is: school, a semester overseas, spring break, home for the holidays. Learn more about our student health plans.

Are you a government employee?

Find information about our health plans.

Federal employees 

State of Delaware 

State of Maryland 

State of New Jersey 

State of Ohio 

State of Washington 

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Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform
How does health care reform affect you & your family? We've mapped out what you need to know.
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Healthy Living