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Disability Insurance

Protect your income when you are sidelined due to illness or injury

Available through employer provided plans only.  Not available for individual purchase.

A serious injury or illness can keep you out of work. For a long time. With no paychecks coming in. Are you prepared for that?

Our disability plans protects your income when you need it most. Disability coverage gives you have some income so you can focus on getting better, if possible.

We offer both short term and long-term disability income protection.

How your disability plan works

Benefit amount
The amount you receive is usually based on your annual salary, commissions, or other forms of income from your employer, depending upon your disability plan.* You can find out if you qualify and how much you will be paid by reading your plan summary. This explains the details of your plan, including any limitations or offsets that may apply, based on other income you are receiving during your disability (such as offsets for certain Social Security Disability Income payments). Please read your plan carefully. 

How it works
You need to file a claim to start getting your payments. The claim should describe:

  • Your injury or illness
  • How long it will take to recover
  • The date you first missed work

We will also need medical information about your injury or illness from your doctor. And you will need to send us medical updates while you are out of work. This helps us determine if you are eligible for payments.

Start date
You need to miss a certain number of work days before your disability pay starts. This is called an elimination period. During this time, you will normally use your company paid sick time or vacation. Read your plan summary for more information. Your human resources person can also help you learn more.

Returning to work
A disability case manager and/or a rehabilitation consultant may work with you to help you get back to work, if possible. Remember, your illness or injury may affect your ability to perform the duties of your occupation. You may need special devices or training to help you return to work and meet your career goals.

*Once you are receiving benefits for a period of time (usually 24 months) the test of disability requirements to continue to be eligible for benefits change. From the time you become disabled until this point, you qualify for benefits by not being able to perform your occupation, due to an accident or illness, and because of this are unable to earn more that 80% of what you earned prior to your disability. At this point, these requirements change to not being able to perform any reasonable occupation that you are qualified for based on your education, training and experience and are unable to earn more than 60% of what you earned prior to your disability.  

Legal Notices

Health benefits and health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations. See plan documents for a complete description of coverage.

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