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Dental Insurance

A healthy mouth can make for a healthier body

Regular dental care helps keep your mouth healthy. That's important because problems with your teeth can affect what you eat and how you feel. Did you know that heart disease and diabetes have been linked with gum disease?

Vital Savings by Aetna® Dental Discount Program

The word is out! More and more individuals and families all across the country are joining Vital Savings by Aetna. With Vital Savings by Aetna, you get discounts on general dentistry, cleanings, root canals, crowns, and even orthodontia and whitening. To learn more, visit

Are You Insured Through Your Employer or Organization?
Are You Insured Through Your Employer or Organization?

Learn the basics about dental plans below. Then check with your human resources department for details about your coverage.

Buy Dental Insurance Directly from Aetna
Buy Dental Insurance Directly from Aetna

If you don't have dental coverage through an employer, you can buy directly from us. Find the right dental coverage for you and your family.


Find the dental plan that's right for you 

From cleanings to braces, dental plans help you and your family to control the costs of dental care.

There are three basic types of dental insurance. You can compare them here.  (Your options will depend on whether you're buying direct or being covered by an employer.)

Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO®)* is most often a lower-cost insurance plan. You choose a primary care dentist. If you need to see a specialist, your primary care dentist gives you a referral. If your plan covers orthodontia, you do not need a referral to see a DMO orthodontist. You get peace of mind with no deductibles or annual maximums. To learn more, view the DMO video.

If you want more options when you choose dentists, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)** or participating dental network (PDN) may be for you. With these plans, you can visit any dentist you want. You never need a referral. But costs usually are lower if you choose a dentist who is part of the PPO or PDN. Deductibles and annual maximums may apply. To learn more, view the PPO video.

A dental indemnity plan gives you free choice of any dentist you want. There may be deductibles and annual maximums with these plans, too.

Learn about the dental-medical connection

Get the facts on how we cover orthodontics, oral surgery and more.

Use our tools to track a dental claim.

Find a dentist near your home or workplace.

Visit Simple Steps To Better Dental Health® for articles and information about keeping your smile healthy. Watch a video about how to brush and floss. Read about children's dental care or banishing bad breath.

* In Illinois, DMO plans provide limited out-of-network benefits. However, in order to receive maximum benefits, members must select and have care coordinated by a participating primary care dentist. Illinois DMO is not an HMO.

** In Texas the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan is know as the Participating Dental Network (PDN).

Legal Notices

This content is currently not available for California and Ohio residents. 

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