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Aetna Rx Home Delivery
Consider our mail-order service for the medications you take everyday


Aetna Rx Home Delivery® is the prescription mail service for Aetna pharmacy benefit members. You can order your maintenance medications through Aetna Rx Home Delivery. Maintenance medications treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions, hypertension and others.

A Money-Saving Option - Depending on your Aetna pharmacy benefits or insurance plan, you could save money by using Aetna Rx Home Delivery mail order services. Our services offer:

  • Savings - You can save money by using Aetna Rx Home Delivery, and standard shipping is always free. Log on to Aetna Navigator and visit our drug pricing section to find out how much you can save on specific drugs. 
  • Privacy - Confidential shipping of your prescriptions right to your home, workplace or any other location you choose. 
  • Convenience - Reorder only once every three months. 
  • Peace of mind - Registered pharmacists check orders for accuracy and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency.

Get Started Today
Start by getting a 30-day supply of your maintenance medication at a local pharmacy. Then, save time and money by ordering your prescriptions through Aetna Rx Home Delivery by following these two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Get a prescription from your doctor for each maintenance medication (typically a 90-day supply- view a sample 90 day prescription.)
  • Step 2: Complete and mail an order form along with your new prescription(s) and payment to Aetna Rx Home Delivery.
    Or:  Have your doctor fax your prescription(s) with completed order form.

Learn More
If you are an Aetna member, you can learn more about Aetna Rx Home Delivery, download an order form, and more by logging in to your secure Aetna Navigator member website, and selecting the "Pharmacy Benefits" tab under "Related Shortcuts."

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