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Aetna Mission & Values
Our company’s mission, values and goals are expressed through The Aetna Way. The Aetna Way, comprising the elements below, encompasses our shared sense of purpose and provides clarity as we pursue our operational and strategic goals:

Why We Exist: The Aetna Mission

Aetna is dedicated to helping people achieve health and financial security by providing easy access to safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care and protecting their finances against health-related risks.

Building on our 156-year heritage, Aetna will be a leader cooperating with doctors and hospitals, employers, patients, public officials and others to build a stronger, more effective health care system.

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What We Believe In: Our Values

Aetna Values Wheel At Aetna, we put the people who use our services at the center of everything we do and live by a core set of values:

  • Integrity

  • Quality Service and Value

  • Excellence and Accountability

  • Employee Engagement

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What We’re Trying to Achieve

We seek to achieve superior customer satisfaction through innovative products, comprehensive health and related benefits choices, effective service and easy-to-understand information.

Our goals are:

  • To give individuals and families affordable coverage choices, helpful service and information so they can make better-informed decisions to optimize their health and financial security.

  • To respect and work effectively with doctors and hospitals by establishing efficient processes and providing prompt claims payments and useful information that helps them provide safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care.

  • To provide employers information, advice, cost-effective benefits options and programs that improve the health and productivity of their employees, thus providing real value for their investment in employee benefits.

  • To partner with brokers and consultants through responsive best-in-class service, timely information and attractive commissions so they may effectively advise employers on their employee benefits choices.

  • To offer employees an engaging and diverse work environment that enables them to satisfy their professional ambitions, take pride in their contributions and share in Aetna's success.

  • To be a responsible corporate citizen, improving the quality of life in communities where we live and work.

  • To award shareholders a superior return on their investment in our company.

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How We Run Our Business

Based on our values, which guide our day-to-day activities, we adhere to specific business practices that help us fulfill our mission, reach our goals, and achieve profitable growth.
  • Plans: We build and monitor business plans, taking corrective actions on negative variances.

  • Products: We develop and accurately price innovative products.

  • Networks: We develop and manage networks of doctors and hospitals to support multiple product and funding choices.

  • Access to Care: We provide our members access to cost-effective high-quality health care while accurately predicting and managing medical costs.

  • Claims and Billing: We achieve timely and accurate claims payments and premium billing and collection.

  • Productivity: We pursue continuous productive and process improvement.

  • Service: We work together effectively cross the organization to give our customers quality service.

  • Information: We provide objective information to help our members make informed decisions about their financial and health care needs.

  • Integrity: Achieve financial and operational integrity through clear, prompt and reliable information that accurately reflects our financial and operational performance.

  • Rewards: We appreciate effort but we recognize and reward employees for achieving business results.

  • Satisfaction: We deliver superior customer satisfaction.

  • Respect: We treat each other with respect and collaborate to achieve results.

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