Paid Time Off and Disability

We provide a variety of programs for paid time away from work for eligible employees.

Paid Time Off
Eligible employees accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) on the first of each month. This time may be used for any reason - such as vacation days, family illness days, individual sick days and personal time. In general, during your first 3 years at Aetna, you receive the equivalent of 18 PTO days per year. The longer you work at Aetna, the more time you accrue per month. Company holidays, jury duty, military leave, bereavement and community service time are in addition to PTO.

Short Term Disability Benefits
If you become disabled and unable to work, we provide Short Term Disability benefits to help you meet your financial responsibilities. Eligible employees who become ill or injured receive a percentage of base pay for up to 25 weeks of certified disability after a waiting period.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits Insurance
We also provide Long Term Disability insurance coverage that provides a total monthly benefit equal to 50 percent of your eligible pay. You may be eligible to receive LTD benefits after a 26-week period of certified short-term disability. In addition to company-paid LTD benefits, you may elect to purchase an additional 10 percent of LTD coverage for a total of 60 percent of your eligible pay. (A monthly maximum benefit of $15,000 will apply to the long-term disability benefit - company paid and optional.)

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Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.